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Okay, so I just have a few things to say, not about the game but everyone else.

I have seen countless posts on Tumblr complaining about how out of the 4 co-op characters, none of them are either a female or a person of color. Firstly, the reason probably why none is a female is because of marketing. Does anyone remember the one Assassin's Creed game that a female protagonist? Well guess what, Assassin's Creed Liberation did not make, to any extent of the imagination, close to that of the other games that had a male protagonist. It's marketing, they tried something out got the results and are adjusting. Ubisoft isn't crazy, if it didn't work out the first time why the hell would they try again expecting a new result. And people that game was amazing! Not only was Aveline a women but she also a women of color who had an amazing story! So if anyone wants a female protagonist in the future go buy Liberation because they will pay attention to the sales! Complaining about it will do nothing, you will have to take actions and let them know of what we want by showing that they we are willing to buy a game with a female protagonist.
Its just basic marketing there.

Now for the "they are all white" problem.
The games are actually quite accurate to time, place and everything else, this why the story line makes sense in history. Now looking at history, Unity is placed in France, and more then likely they will be white! It wouldn't be likely for an assassin who is either black, Asian, or anything but white to be there fighting in that revolution. And are you all forgetting about the characters that were of color. The first game's protagonist was the Middle East, he was not white, he wasn't European like Ezio. Then there was Connor who was Native American! And once again Aveline who was black. There have also been plenty of side characters that where of color that so many people have forgotten. But seriously look at history! Ubisoft has the game make sense with History and are keeping that way, they won't just throw an African into the FRENCH revolution, that isn't how it works. 

Okay rant over, and don't get me wrong I would love a female protagonist and more POC in the future, but really why it comes down to it, its just killing people.


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