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Small Sketch Dump: Izza ACD by ravenbird15
Small Sketch Dump: Izza ACD
Been drawing alot of my beloved assassin lately, but this drawings are my favorite. In this I was really trying to get down both Izza's facial structure and body structure, she is a very tiny girl :P

On the left side you have a facial shot, I tried getting her face to look more Arabic/turkish (failure I will have to try again but I am still happy with this.) Then below I was trying to practice shading a bit more while in the classic assassin pic just before they stab you in the throat.

I then wanted to draw a few of Izza's weapons, and finally the largest drawing. Looking more and more at the assassin's from the game and researching Ottam Empire clothing, I drew up a much fancier assassin robes from Izza, maybe if will be her master assassin clothes who knows. btw when she is on the job, prowling on the rooftops, she always has her hair pulled back.

Thats about it.

Izza and art (c) me 
ACD: Izza Nal'ilah by ravenbird15
ACD: Izza Nal'ilah


 Izza Nal’ilah

▫ Age: 22

▫ Birthdate: November 29

▫ Gender: Female

▫ Height: 5' 2''

▫ Birthplace: Constantinople, Ottoman Empire

▫ Occupation: Musician-Lavta player

▫ Rank: Recruit

▫ Stats: -2 VIT
            -2 STR
            -1 DEF
            -1 ACC
            -2 INT
            -2 DEX

▫ Likes: The constellations (Her favorite is Orion, the hunter), tea, spicy foods, music of any kind really, recently she come to enjoy listening to poetry, sitting on high towers enjoying the view, she also likes to swim, and finally she loves animals

▫ Dislikes: Anyone who is sexist, small enclosed spaces (she actually has claustrophobia), out of tune instruments, alcohol, liars(even though she is sometimes one too), being under ground (like cavee style, she is fine being in the Galata Tower though)

▫ Personality: Izza possess a natural exuberance, sense of adventure and love of life making her  quite optimistic. She aims heir sights towards whatever it is she finds alluring - a love partner, dreams, and the mission as an assassin- and making it her own.She believes anything is possible, looking to the brighter side of an situation. Being free-spirited, she often frustrates those around her. However she is at her happiest on the move, to explore new cultures, languages, and ideas. A bit mysterious and philosophical, Izza is surprisingly down to earth and enjoys the finer things in life. And finally and most of all she is quite independent and can even be to the point of being stubborn

▫ Biography: Born into a lower class family, Izza was the youngest out of five children, being the only girl. She was raised by her father and mother in Constantinople, Izza actually had to start working at a young age to help provide enough money for her family. She started off as a messenger, and through this job she learned the streets and rooftops of the city very well having traveled them so many times a day.

When Izza turned 12, her mother grew very ill, taking its toll on the whole family. Because medicine was expensive so more money had to put into that, but Izza grew use to having less food; she just wanted her mother to survive. However she didn’t. Being so close to her, Izza was effected the most from her mothers lost, and from that moment on she became more determined to succeed at what ever she does, most importantly being able to help those who needed it.

Time passed on, Izza’s brothers began to leave the nest, going out to live their own lives now that they were old enough, much like how she would very soon. At this time the Byzantine were taking control more and more of the city of Constantinople, and that what when she first heard of the Assassins, those who fought against the Byzantine, helping those most in need. It wouldn’t be until later that she would discover the Byzantine were only apart of something much bigger, the Templar Order themselves, a group who only seeked out to control mankind to “bring peace and order.” Having the feeling that she too belonged on the side of the Assassins, she joined their rank at the age of 20 and has been with them as a recruit for the last year now. She doesn't stay in contact with her family after joining, she sees she is protecting them. Most of her brother's believe she has left Constantinople or is dead.

▫ Equipment: Hook Blade, Florentine Sword, Throwing Knives, Smoke Bomb, Tripwires.

▫ Storage: -----

▫ Current Credits: 900

▫ Total Credits: 2,100

Okay, so I just have a few things to say, not about the game but everyone else.

I have seen countless posts on Tumblr complaining about how out of the 4 co-op characters, none of them are either a female or a person of color. Firstly, the reason probably why none is a female is because of marketing. Does anyone remember the one Assassin's Creed game that a female protagonist? Well guess what, Assassin's Creed Liberation did not make, to any extent of the imagination, close to that of the other games that had a male protagonist. It's marketing, they tried something out got the results and are adjusting. Ubisoft isn't crazy, if it didn't work out the first time why the hell would they try again expecting a new result. And people that game was amazing! Not only was Aveline a women but she also a women of color who had an amazing story! So if anyone wants a female protagonist in the future go buy Liberation because they will pay attention to the sales! Complaining about it will do nothing, you will have to take actions and let them know of what we want by showing that they we are willing to buy a game with a female protagonist.
Its just basic marketing there.

Now for the "they are all white" problem.
The games are actually quite accurate to time, place and everything else, this why the story line makes sense in history. Now looking at history, Unity is placed in France, and more then likely they will be white! It wouldn't be likely for an assassin who is either black, Asian, or anything but white to be there fighting in that revolution. And are you all forgetting about the characters that were of color. The first game's protagonist was the Middle East, he was not white, he wasn't European like Ezio. Then there was Connor who was Native American! And once again Aveline who was black. There have also been plenty of side characters that where of color that so many people have forgotten. But seriously look at history! Ubisoft has the game make sense with History and are keeping that way, they won't just throw an African into the FRENCH revolution, that isn't how it works. 

Okay rant over, and don't get me wrong I would love a female protagonist and more POC in the future, but really why it comes down to it, its just killing people.


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